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Supplying area homes and businesses with electricity is just part of Carroll EMC’s mission. We also work to help each Member-owner use electric energy wisely. Wise use and energy conservation are all a part of our efforts to be a good steward of Earth's natural resources.


 Energy Efficiency Programs

Carroll EMC offers energy efficiency advice, energy audits, incentives and rebates to help Member-owners save money, use energy wisely and protect the environment. Learn More


 Track Usage

Want to know how much electricity you used yesterday? Last week? Track the energy you use with the My Usage tab on Carroll EMC's Member Portal.


 Energy Calculator

Analyze the energy efficiency of your home or business with this free calculator. View useful details about your estimated usage and cost-saving recommendations. Find Calculators


 Energy Library

Find hundreds of energy-saving ideas for your home or business. Visit the Library


 Kids Energy Zone

Energy-themed education website featuring kid-friendly games as well as teacher lesson plans. Visit Kids Energy Zone



Green Power

Through GreenPower EMC, Carroll EMC offers residential, commercial and industrial customers the opportunity to support cleaner, renewable energy to supply a portion of their electric needs. Learn More

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